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Our Research

Fabricure x Eco2librium

Fabricure x Eco2librium

Fabricure x Eco2librium

We're thrilled to introduce our partnership with Eco2librium, a Best for the World climate justice company located in the Kakamega region of Kenya. 

The Fabricure x Eco2librium Pilot Project in Kenya

In our first major field study in Fall 2023, we’re partnering with Eco2librium to divert 7.5 tons of textiles from Kenyan landfills. For every one kg of textiles removed from landfill, one Fabric Credit will be generated, enabling brands around the world to meaningfully contribute to the recovery of waste-bound textiles. 

The Dual Approach: Circular Soil Solutions and Sustainable Fuel Alternatives

This pilot project is not just about diverting textiles from landfills; it's about redefining their purpose.

Half of the material we collect will be biodegraded in small farm fields. By returning organic materials to the soil, we hope to create an enriching additive that improves local crop yields and an additional source of income for local subsistence farmers. Building upon the pioneering research done by the Goondiwindi Circularity Project, our goal is to scale this circular solution for all cellulose fiber types.

The other half of the material is undergoing a transformative journey to become biochar—a versatile substance that holds the power to activate soil compost or serve as eco-friendly briquettes for sustainable fuel alternatives. We believe in science-based solutions that close the loop and ensure that every thread, and every fiber, contributes to a circular economy that minimizes waste and maximizes impact.

Our Vision for Impact

We envision a future where textile waste is no longer a burden on our environment but a valuable resource harnessed for the benefit of historically excluded communities and ecosystems. Through this pilot project, we aim to showcase the potential of Fabric Credit solutions to drive scalable positive change in communities most affected by the growing fabric waste crisis. Not just in Kenya, but as a model for global sustainability.

Follow Our Journey

We'll be sharing regular updates, data, insights, and stories from the field as the pilot progresses. Fabricure is committed to transparency, and this webpage will be your hub for staying connected with our journey and the positive changes we're making together.

Join us on this transformative adventure as we work to solve the global fabric waste crisis and restore communities negatively impacted by textile waste.